As a dedicated and enthusiastic UX Designer, I excel at creative problem-solving and demonstrate a genuine commitment to understanding users’ needs. With a strong background in visual design, I have a proven track record of consistently surpassing stakeholders’ expectations. Combining my experience with a profound passion for UI and UX, I strive to craft aesthetically pleasing and highly functional interfaces that deliver enjoyable, efficient, and memorable user experiences.

UX/UI Design Manager
Visible Network Labs, Inc. | Denver, CO | 1/22 – Present

  • As a member of the two-person Product Team, I collaborate with all VNL teams weekly. We work to refine existing design processes, renovate antiquated user flows and interfaces, and formulate new ways for our users to interact with our platform. We champion solid user journeys with optimized user flows, predicts edge cases, writes copy, and solicits feedback from our most prominent clients - our DSI Team and CEO.
  • Individually, I research best practices, perform comparative analysis, build simple and complex UI elements, structure high-fidelity prototypes, and custom design iconography. Between design work, I endeavor to factor in new technologies and construct next-level design concepts, always trying to stay ahead of future feature requests. There is never a shortage of new concepts to present to the greater team.
  • I completely redesigned the UI of our flagship product, PARTNER CPRM. Previously, it had a confusing UI, lackluster color and font choices, and rushed development of half-baked features that did little to enhance the user’s experience. Simplicity was not a priority. We launched PARTNER CPRM 2.0 in October 2023, radically departing from the previous iteration. To date, users frequently remark on the ease of use, organization of pages, and the clean, modernized interface. As a result, website visitors increased 32% and conversion to paid clients increased 23%.
  • As the primary Quality Assurance technician, I confirm developer work meets acceptance criteria and always pay attention to verifying the functionality of new features and enhancements. Ensuring adherence to UI specifications and UX patterns is essential. I attempt to break features by pushing software to work in edge-case scenarios. All QA is completed within one hour of the test deployment being available. New features, enhancements, and bug fixes are released every two weeks.
  • I launched the construction of VNL’s first-ever design system. I am the sole contributor and am responsible for all maintenance and deployment. It is built in Figma and comprises over 20 pages containing thousands of components, variants, variables, styles, and interactions.

Work Experience

Heywire Creative, LLC
Denver, CO  |  2009 – 2021

Regular Clients Included:
Espire Dental: Enabled marketing staff to effectively brand and promote services for ten dental practices in four states. Orchestrated a variety of vendors for marketing collateral production and delivery. Presented alternatives to everyday solutions ensuring brand fidelity and relevance resulting in reduced costs and time saved.

Intrepid Benefits: Improved branding and oversaw creative for all B2B healthcare marketing efforts including: email campaigns, social media promotions, digital presence, printed collateral, and promotional items.

Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems, Inc.: Assisted marketing manager with producing deadline-sensitive B2B sales collateral. Unified messaging for email and internet promotions. Facilitated designs for tradeshow booths.

Hydration Health Products: Instituted solidified branding of multiple product lines for direct-to-consumer internet sales.


UX Design Immersive Certificate
12-weeks. 480+ hours of coursework. Focus: user research, user interviews, user personas, user flows, journey maps, competitive analysis, comparative analysis, heuristics analysis, sketching, wireframing, low- and high-fidelity prototyping, rapid prototyping, user surveys, usability testing, user interface (UI) design, and user experience (UX) design.
General Assembly

UX Design Techdegree Certificate
Focus: research, user personas, user surveys, empathy maps, affinity diagrams, user flows, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, user interface design, and user experience design.
Team Treehouse

Associate Degree in Occupational Studies in Visual Communications
Honors Graduate
Colorado Institute of Art

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