Native macOS App

Global pandemic?
RemoteTeam has been working remotely for over 20 years.

RemoteTeam has provided a robust solution for online HR management and global payments. Now they hope to find an easy way to get remote co-workers connected.

Şahin Boydaş, the Founder and CEO of RemoteTeam, has been at the forefront of remote work his entire career and has been developing better ways to do it from the start.

Quick and clear communication is more difficult while working remotely and can have a negative impact on productivity and work efficiency. Can Şahin’s vision for a streamlined, quick-connect desktop app help bridge the gaps between remote workers across the globe?

I was part of a three-person team tasked with developing a quick and easy way to engage the most commonly contacted coworkers and increase efficiency by decreasing clicks. A native desktop app with a customizable interface would provide the most control with the least clutter while streamlining remote workers' most frequent daily tasks.

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