Waste Management

Smartphone App

The world is a messy place.
Too messy.
How can I help clean it up?

My concern for the health of the planet drove my desire to create an app to help educate and inform people about recycling.

Recycling is absolutely necessary to ensure the health of our planet but proper recycling can be tricky. A huge variety of product containers makes recycling more and more of a challenge every year for everyone. How can consumers feel confident they are properly recycling used containers? How can manufacturers educate consumers about the materials in their containers? How can recycling facilities properly and thoroughly sort used containers to ensure proper repurposing and recycling?

I wanted to develop an app to help consumers – quickly and confidently – identify whether or not an item is recyclable. This app could ensure recycling facilities end up with less contaminated material AND give consumers more confidence about helping keep the Earth clean.


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